The Yuneec E-go : My Ego Wants To Go Faster Than This Board Will Allow

It seems like everyone I know is buying electric skateboards and One-wheels lately (except me because I’m too cheap). I’ve been going out of my way to extensively test every unit I can get my paws on. I was down kiting in North Carolina for 10 days when I came across a Yuneec E-Go that a friend of mine had purchased on the internet. I’m not sure if Yuneec is pronounced like unique or eunuch, but I’m going with eunuch because that’s just the kind of guy I am.


The Yuneec E-Go shown here with a ’66 Ford Pickup dropped onto a Caprice Classic Frame and motor. Both rides will get you plenty of attention.

The E-Go is marketed as a ‘budget’ skateboard that sells for a mere $699 through their website (although it is currently listed as being out of stock you can still get them on Amazon for the same price here). They don’t seem to list any other products for sale on their website. This is pretty much the exact opposite of every other crowdfunded electric skateboard business who seems to have no qualms about taking lots of your money for nothing but a promise of an eskateboard at some point in the distant future.


The board is about 15 lbs and the battery case seems higher quality than many of the other cheap China knockoff brands.

The wheels on the E-Go were very large and soft and the board did better on rough surfaces than the twice as expensive Boosted Dual +. The other thing the Boosted Dual + excelled at was speed. The E-Go seemed to max out at about 12mph with a 200lb rider on level ground, whereas the Dual + has a claimed top speed of 22mph which is probably as fast as you ever want to go on an electric skateboard. The acceleration and braking was smooth but not really that impressive and the board felt about the right length. The deck was pretty stiff and still carved some, but there was a serious limit to how quickly you could turn with this board. With the more flexible Boosted I felt like I would swerve to avoid bigger obstacles easily whereas with the E-Go I had to lean on it pretty hard to get it to go where I wanted it to.


The single motor is much bigger than the Dual+ but is also much closer to the ground than the Boosted board allowing it to scrape on debris or road imperfections.

While we’re on the subject of safety, the last 5 people that have died from electric boarding, 4 of them might have been saved by wearing a helmet. Jimi was probably a goner as a helmet probably won’t save you from driving your Segway off a 24-meter cliff. That being said, the E-Go does not go fast enough that you can’t run it out if something happens, but you should still wear a helmet when electric boarding.


A simple charging port a with a rubber stopper and an on-off switch. It doesn’t get much simpler.

The E-Go seemed to flounder a bit on hills but could still struggle up most of the hills that you will probably want to climb. This board was about a year old and still seemed to get about 5-6 miles of range which is the standard for 15lb electric skateboards. Be aware that the batteries degrade with age and usage and your range will have a lot to do with your weight, how fast you ride and mostly how many hills there are.


The charging port for the Bluetooth remote.

If you’re looking for a cheap electric skateboard and don’t live somewhere there are too many hills the E-Go might be a decent choice, but in all honesty, I would wait to buy something better. The market is exploding right now with geared hub electric skateboards which could revolutionize the entire industry. The E-Go is a tired design from days past that does not really bring anything impressive or new to the table.


You’re not going to want to ride this thing in Eco or Turtle mode. It’s pretty anemic at full power.

I haven’t actually purchased an electric skateboard because I haven’t ridden one that I liked that was even remotely affordable. I believe that a good electric skateboard should be <15lbs and have a 6-mile range (or more) and should easily go 20mph with a 200lb rider. Frankly the industry just isn’t there yet.

Ride On.


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