EUC Extreme – Redefining What Is Possible With Off Road Electric Unicycles

When I first started this blog I was most interested in getting a Self-Balancing Unicycle and beating the crap out of it on singletrack trails. I had Mountain Unicycled for about 3 years pretty obsessively until my knees started to give out from decent and dismount stress. When I was first doing research to find out who (if anyone) was as insane as I was, I came across the facebook page and youtube channel from the Finnish native EUC Extreme.


EUC Extreme in action. Yup he is jumping a $1500 EUC.

EUC Extreme started out breaking Electric UniCycles (EUC) and taking them apart and making them better like he does in this thread here. Because of the long winters in Finland he also started making custom studded tires so he could ride safely in the snow and ice. Over time he did more and more mods to his EUCs and his latest Gotway Msuper V Speed 18″ 70° 850Wh has the following modifications:

  1. Lifting the pedals.
  2. Pedals thinning and chamfering from below.
  3. The pedal screws to prevent your feet from slipping.
  4. The removal of the shell from below.
  5. Lipo batteries. Charging time 8min. Charging current of 120A.
  6. Modifications for batteries heating and cooling.
  7. Battery temperature display and alarm.
  8. Each battery cell monitoring display, and an alarm.
  9. Recycling indoor air.
  10. Building ventilation hoods.
  11. The printed circuit board cooling surface area maximized.
  12. Installing a USB outlet.
  13. Adding LED daytime running lights.
  14. 5400lm LED headlights for nighttime riding.
  15. A speaker On / Off switch.
  16. The coated thick layer of protective padded material.
  17. All functions are protected against rain and dirt.
  18. My modifications of the ring.
  19. Motor upgraded to 10 AWG cables.
  20. A small flexible pedal.
  21. Built-in GoPro camera.
  22. Pedals bottom edges beveled.


EUC Extreme is also a little obsessed with LED headlights and loves to ride at night his current setup sports 16,000 Lumens, enough to seriously blind you.

I have to admit that over this lifetime I’ve grown a little weary of the word Extreme and it’s constant misuse in the mainstream. I don’t consider kayaking off a 40′ waterfall to be ‘Extreme’ or jumping 40 feet in the air with a kite, or riding racing foils in double overhead waves. Mostly all these things that I do on a regular basis are more just ‘stupid’ and not really ‘Extreme’. EUC Extreme certainly deserves his title and namesake as in my opinion he is seriously pushing the envelope of what is considered possibly with Self Balancing Unicycles. For a whole lot of pictures of his extensive modifications to his Gotway Msuper V Speed 18″ 70° 850Wh check out this link. For all intensive purposes, he is completely rebuilding and re-engineering the entire product to make something completely unique: A dedicated off road Electric Unicycle. My hero.


His videos are an inspiration to EUC riders everywhere.

As of right now there really is no Electric Unicycle that is designed expressly for off-road trail riding. EUC Extreme is working hard to build a community of people who are not afraid to destroy their expensive EUC’s and then rebuild them to make them better. That is a future I can really get excited about.

If you build it, they will come.

I’m here, lets go.

Ride On.



EUC Extreme and his mascot, Sweet moves




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